“It’s like this tingly feeling of dread.”

Introducing a brand-new online course, from one of Australia’s most respected psychologists, for people who struggle with anxiety …

Introducing …

We’ve built the Anxiety Course from the ground up for people struggling with anxiety or anxious feelings … OR anyone who knows someone like that, and wants to understand them better.

Now, what you will learn in the Anxiety Course is almost certainly not going to eliminate your anxious feelings altogether. Nothing can do that.

However, it can show you how to deal with those feelings... and develop coping mechanisms so you can still live a peaceful, productive, less-stressed life.

In your free trial you'll get access to the first chapter of bite-sized video lessons you can do at your own pace that will help you make REAL progress in dealing with your anxiety.

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Meet your instructor:

Associate Professor Amanda Gordon

Amanda is one of Australia’s best known Psychologists, with over 20 years of experience.

You might have seen her on TV - she's been a regular contributor to both Channel 10 and the ABC. She has also been President and committee member of many of Australia's most prestigious psychologist societies.

Most importantly, Amanda has decades of experience dealing with all kinds of anxiety — as well as having overcome it herself. 

So if you struggle with anxiety, she knows exactly where you’re coming from, and how to help.

(Oh, and when some of the Mamamia team watched her videos, they said they felt calm just listening to Amanda’s soothing voice. Seriously.)

The quick view of what’s included in your free trial...

And when you upgrade to the full course...

You'll also get access to five in-depth case studies each that explore different aspects of anxiety and teach you easy strategies to release anxiety's grip on your life. Plus you'll get access to our Core Strategies library and bonus content such as 'How to Support a Loved One with Anxiety', a collection of guided meditations and Mia Freedman's Anxiety Diary.

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